Climbing the Spiritual Mountain:
The Questions of Jesus

Alan & Elizabeth Davey (Wipf & Stock, 2014)

Climbing the Spiritual Mountain: The Questions of Jesus

Alan & Elizabeth Davey (Wipf & Stock, 2014)

This is a guide for spiritual mountain climbers. In the scriptures to connect with Abba often leads to a mountain. Modern spiritual writers as well have long recognized the scriptural metaphor and explored the nature of this journey of ascent. Drawing on the biblical text, works of literature, and the writings of mystics, old and new, Climbing the Spiritual Mountain speaks of desires and intentions, discipline and effort in one’s developing intimacy with Christ.

In Jesus’s dealings with people in the Gospels, he draws them up the spiritual mountain in dialogue and with questions. Like Socrates of old, his teaching method is a probing of thinking, of knowledge, and of motive. In the process he creates and stimulates longing and desire.

There are challenges, hurdles, and difficult choices to move one upward. But the reward—of approaching the beautiful One who is our Abba—far exceeds and outshines any sacrifice we may make.

“Raised in Canada’s prairies, mountain climbing wasn’t a recreational option. However, Alan and Elizabeth Davey have merged such wonderful metaphors into this spiritual collage that I can feel the strain and stress of the climb. Creatively unwrapping biblical stores, I see new pictures of faith and life. I’m never allowed an escape from the demands and exertion of the climb. Yet I’m affirmed in learning again what I already know and what is seen for the first time.”
⸺ Brian C. Stiller, Global Ambassador, The World Evangelical Alliance, New York

“This book is rich in spiritual and pastoral insight, rooted in sound biblical exegesis. Through an examination of Jesus’ most probing questions, and the metaphor of an alpine ascent, it leads the reader on a journey toward greater intimacy with God. Each chapter is replete with the reflections of writers, modern and ancient, who wrestled with the pursuit of spiritual authenticity. It is an excellent resource of those new to the Christ faith and those who seek refreshment and renewal.”
⸺ John Kessler, Professor of Old Testament, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto

Finalist: The Word Guild Awards